Poet: Krishna Prasai
English Translation: Mahesh Paudyal

The mountain appears much better
Without any garb
For, as you can see well
It doesn’t have a spot
That exposes its honor.

I won’t even want to remember
That flowers are sleeping atop you
In the final episode of time.

What worth is a position of prominence
Like the salty ocean of water?
The lions always drink from freshwater ponds
Bowing the whole of their heads down.

A tree that fell
After enduring innumerable blows
Never knew
That the handle of the axe that felled it
Was made from one of its own branches.

I would rather sit on the floor
For, if I do so
I don’t ever run the risk of falling.

Death troubles everyone
But the rich ones make much fun of it
And say—
He died because he was poor.

No one met anyone else
Before walking a few steps.
I met my own shadow as well
Only after coming out of home into sunshine.

No matter how old it is
A currency note is seldom disposed
Into a dustbin

[Krishna Prasai is a Nepali poet, essayist and storywriter. He chairs Jara Foundation, a literary and cultural organization of high repute in Nepali. He is also the pioneer of Zen Poetry in Nepal, and his Zen poems have been translated into several international languages including Thai, Sinhala, Bangla, Hindi, Korean, English, German etc.]